To Whom It May Concern,

I wanted to thank everybody who organized the Mass & Healing Service on Oct 24/2013. It was so beautiful & touching. I will definitely come back for these services and let others know about them as well. I would also like to know the exact name of the prayer of Spiritual Warefare we recited. Again thank you so much.

God Bless You All

Sincerely Yours,


Hi Claudia,

My husband and I would like to thank you and the whole Divine Mercy group for all your help and prayers throughout last year.  My husband had lost his job early March 2010.  I was only working part-time at that time and we were going through a very difficult time because of the loss of his job.  Somebody told us about St. Mel’s healing Mass.  We’ve been attending frequently.  Since my husband was out of a job, my brother suggested we should partner with him and open up a business together and my husband would run it.  Well, it wasn’t the best thing to do since we didn’t have any money.  We borrowed, opened up the business, which was not successful and it only made things worse for us.  It was very stressful financially and things were getting worse at home because of it all.  But, your prayers and healing Masses helped us get through it.
We attended Divine Mercy Sunday for the first time.  Our girls participated during the Rosary.   That day when we got home, we met with my brother and we all agreed to put the business up for sale.  My brother casually mentioned how he had been asked at his work if my husband was still looking for a job.  Well, by the end of May we had sold the business,  were able to get out of a 2 year lease contract and the next month my husband was offered a job.  My husband was out of a job for 15 months with no income at all.  We of course acquired more debt, but are very grateful for being free from the business and that my husband has a job now.  Things have really turned around for us.  We couldn’t have done it without St. Mel’s Divine Mercy group.  We thank you very much!!!!
Mr. and Mrs. A

Dear Claudia:

I have some very exciting news. I attended the Divine Mercy Sunday. I brought my long time friend, this was the first time for her. Today, she called to tell me she experienced a healing of her knee. We did not go to visit the relices. I am a diabetic and needed to go eat.

However, the celebration was a blessing to me also. We hope to come soon and share this miracle with the prayer group.

Prayers and Blessings,
Frances Lowe

I’ve been meaning to write you and thank you for the invitation to share in the Celebration of the Feast of Divine Mercy.
I kept thinking myself the importance of that powerful prayer, “Jesus I trust in You” and how applicable it was to that day.

I just wanted to share something quick with you. It was really interesting that you stopped and asked me that one day after Mass if I wanted to volunteer for a few reasons. 1st I had literally just finished praying my Chaplet when you walked up and asked me, 2.) One of my friends who was there at the Celebration, Bryan, was in a very serious car accident a few years ago. He was in a coma for months. On the Feast of Divine Mercy while he was in his coma we all heard that he wasn’t going to make it through the night. We (this is while I was still in college at Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula) his friends prayed vigillantly that day for him, for nothing short of a miracle. I went inside the chapel of our school right after hearing that he wasn’t expected to make it and remember bargaining in a way with God that if he were to spare Bryan I would make it a point to every year on the Feast of Divine Mercy pay honor to Our Lord in a special way. Well, Bryan not only survived the night but against all odds came out of his coma and not only that be without any brain damage (most of the traums was to his head. a large portion of his skull was removed).

I just thought I’d share that with you and thank you again for the invitation.

Hope all is well, Jonathan

I always look forward to having Father Mike Sears at our prayer meeting because I always learn so much from his talks. I especially loved his homily at the Feast of Divine Mercy, and how he tied the Old and New Testaments together, culminating in the person of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I received so much new revelation on the Gospel story, though I had heard it many times before. I’m so glad that his talk was taped so I can listen to it again.

Thank God for Father Mike. Gloria

Dear Claudia,

Just a short note to thank you for all the work you do for The Lord and us. The Mercy Mass, celebrated by Fr. Mike Sears was by far the most inspirational and devotional mass my wife and I have experienced. Please accept our thanks and we pray The Lord continue to bless you and your Ministry.


Ben and Tina Cadena.

Dear Claudia,

It is with joy that I write this letter to let you know what a glorious day and time, I experienced on the Feast of The Divine Mercy. The “soul uplifting” celebration stayed within my being for three days. I was surely touched by Jesus and every time this happens to me it lingerswithin me for a while – Praise Jesus!.
For next year’s Feast of Divine Mercy, I already asked Jesus to remind come lent to make copies of the fliers for distribution. May Jesus in His Mercy continue to bless you and everyone who works hard to spread the devotion to The Divine Mercy.

Love to all. In Jesus name


Dear Claudia,

The Divine Mercy to which you have devoted your entire life to make known to all that will listen to the word of God is the answer to my prayers. I constantly asked the Lord, our God, to take me by the hand and lead me to the road that leads to him in eternal happiness. We live five minutes from the Los Angeles International airport. My wife and I felt dismayed at the thought of driving our old “clunker” to the Valley and then further miles to St. Frances of Rome Church where the Feast of Divine Mercy would take place. But something in my heart caused me to go no matter what and my wife also felt that God wanted us to go.

The experience we each had has changed our lives forever. We have a daughter with downs syndrome. She now acts wonderfully different in ways I can’t describe. During the celebration the priest past by blessing everyone. A drop of holy water fell on me and I felt the Lord had taken me in his hands, and changed my life forever. I felt an ecstasy I can not put into words. I offered Him my life forever.

Claudia, I thank you for your choice in serving Him through the Divine Mercy.

With Love,

Bill, Maria and Lorraine.