Healing Testimonies

Healing Testimonies

A Divine Mercy Miraculous Healing

Apostles of Divine Mercy Charismatic Community:
My daughter Crystal, that was stricken with bone cancer leukemia, she has been healed thanks to you and the priests that have prayed over her and her picture that I brought to the healing masses when she was to sick to go to church and the many many friends that prayed as well, as God healed her and I did indeed see it in my dreams.   Thank you for your continued good work that you do.
God bless you always. Teri

Prayer Request:   Please pray for me to heal my sickness. I have been bleeding inside that I have to have blood transfusion almost every 3-6 months. Doctors cannot find what is wrong with me. I went thru all procedures/test and everything. The last procedure that I have, I think made very sick. Everyday that I have to eat, I throw it up.I cannot hold anything even liquid in my stomach. Please pray for me to be healed. Thank you and God Bless!!!!!

Evelyns answer to above prayer one month later:

Good Afternoon Claudia –

I want to thank you for everything.  I am now cured, thank you Lord for sending me Claudia of St. Mel Church. I went for my routine blood work and got a report from my doctor that my blood count went back to normal, I don’t need blood transfusion for now, except that my cells are still small. I can accept that. Also, the other specialist sent me for CT scan and the results also are negative. No problem with my insides. GOD is the only healer/doctor that we can rely on. Faith the most important thing in my life. Without faith, i am gone. Again I thank you very, very much. Please continue praying for me and my family. I love you Claudia,

Regards, Evelyn

Hi Claudia,

I had a mammogram and was told that I needed to come back for more test and a ultra sound on my left breast. There was calcification that the radiologist needed to take a closer look at. I am a true believer of prayers changing things. I think it just verified it when I was touched by Father Faller. I prayed so hard that nothing would show up on the test. I had my follow up
appointed schedule for 7/3/08. I went and had another mammogram of magnification done and THEY COULD NOT FIND ANYTHING AT ALL.  I PRAISED GOD
WHEN I HAD ARRIVED THERE AND I PRAISED GOD WHEN I LEFT OUT. God is so good all the time. Amen, Amen, Amen.

Thank you for all you do in your healing services. You have a really divine choir and it is so inspirational.

Thank you for inviting Father Joey Faller to perform this healing mass.

Sincerely, Cassie

Answer to Divine Mercy ministry intercession prayer:

Dear Claudia.
I’m writing to thank you for your healing prayers for me, and prayers during each Mass. I had a difficult problem in my life, but now things are really starting to improve in my life again—it’s just remarkable! I recite The Divine Mercy Chaplet every day, also Fr. Jose’s beautiful prayers continue to help me. God does great things for us even in moments of despair! I would also like to sincerely thank all those in your prayer group who have prayed for me. God Bless you all.


Dearest Apostle of Divine Mercy,

I am so genuinely thankful and deeply touched to be able to share this story with you and your congregation.

In 1996 while driving home from work, I was in a car accident and rear ended. The impact of the injury caused whiplash which they now refer to as TMJ.

My neck and jaw progressively got worse; In fact, I then developed chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. I had to have arthroscopic surgery on my jaw in early 1997.1 was also told I need to be very careful with my jaw because I could need a jaw replacement which is something one doesn’t want to experience.

I was out of work for four years and returned to a so called normal functioning life in 2001. Most of this time I needed to be on pain medication in order to function normally. Because of my busy schedule I was up to five 750mg or more vicadin a day (pain medication) 1 needed to get off the medication. It had been ten years since I had chronic pain 24 hours a day and most of that time I was on medication. It was time to give it up and find a new way of living.

I was spiritually told to go to the healing mass at St Mel’s in April and honestly it had been two weeks since I had taken pain medication and I was in tremendous pain and emotionally a mess-1 don’t know how 1 would get through the day or even be able to do my work. I was really scared about life. My body ached, my head was on fire, my neck felt as though it was in a vise and someone was continually tightening it. I listened and went to the healing mass.

During the singing of hymns I prayed that God would just help me to be able to continue to do the work 1 do and to be a clear channel for him to work through. You see I work with people and with animals and I take my work very serious and I love what I do.
Fr. Lueras, who was the priest performing the service that night through the gift of knowledge; being very specific, indicated that certain people would be healed of conflicts in their lives or health issues.

Fr. Lueras indicated that someone at the healing mass would be healed from chronic neck pain that they had for a long period of time. Well, that was me. I was healed!

Since that night I have not had any of the symptoms from TMJ, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia. I didn’t know what it was like to go without a headache, chronic neck pain (where your neck is on fire) and chronic body pain and extreme exhaustion for 10 years. • I can not begin to tell you what a BLESSING AND MIRACLE.


I am so deeply thankful to of course our Divine Father, to you, Claudia and to Father Lauirus and ALL of the Chairasmic Priests and the Chairasmic Renewal because I know first hand what miracles can and do happen. I am so deeply grateful and extremely, extremely blessed.

I can only hope that this letter of truth can bring hope and faith to those who need healing on whatever level in their lives that by the grace of God miracles do happen and can happen to all of us.

With all my love and gratitude.
Sandy Smith

For the past few months, I have been in the middle of a battle for my mothers’ life. I have 4 sisters who are nurses and are not helping me with insuring moms hope for any future. As I have experienced with my fathers care and passing 3 years ago, the Nurses intellect seem to be ingrained with the preconception that the DR’s word is the ultimate and the last. So I am trying with all that I have to pray and encourage her each day I call, since that is all she has for any hope. I talked with her this morning and she is much brighter on the phone and very responsive, a mental posture I have not seen from her for weeks, a testament I can only attribute to all your prayers on her behalf. She was actually alert and responding to my questions and not constantly moaning from pain. She has been in a lot of chest pain because of the enlarged heart and side pain from the broken hip. But today she was happy, free and clear and sounding so good. Praise God. God IS working a miracle for her. When she was told about your prayers for her, she was very moved and taken with tears of happiness. I am now preparing to make a third trip to see her again expecting to find her in even better spirits because I know you are continually praying for us both. Grateful and Kindest Regards, Bill PS – I really appreciate your diligence in prayer. It helps so much to know we are not in this battle alone.



In 1995, I met an accident. I was about to ride a bus when I fell and was run over by the same bus. My two legs had to be amputated. Since my operation, I had been suffering from severe knee pains, so unbearable and unimaginable; a pain that would cause my whole body to shake. Each time I would have an attack, I would wish I was dead.

When I arrived in Los Angeles, my niece invited me to a Wednesday night prayer meeting of the Apostles of Divine Mercy of SFV at the Holy Brothers Chapel. I was hesitant to go because i was experiencing a terrible pain attack. When I was at the prayer meeting, despite the pain, I joined in the praying and singing. When I was prayed over by Claudia, I started crying, because I could feel then the presence of the Holy Spirit. His Divine Mercy was working in me, giving me comfort, and healing my severe knee pain.

Since then, I have been free of pain. Praise and Glory to God, who is so loving and full of Mercy!


Susa Bantug

Testimony of Vito Falco

I was admitted to the hospital with a very erratic heart beat, which the doctors were unable to control with medication. I had been a very lukewarm catholic and did not ask for prayers for myself, but at the request of my sister, Claudia and Gloria came to the hospital to pray for me. They laid hands and the first class relics of several saints over my heart, praying for my complete healing and restoration. The next day, I was scheduled for defibrillation of my heart to try to shock it into beating regularly. However, a few minutes after Claudia and Gloria had left, I began to feel better and stronger. I looked at the heart monitor screen, and although I am not a doctor, I could tell that the pattern had changed to what looked like a regular heart beat. The nurse was very surprised to see this and decided to wait a couple of hours before calling the doctor to make sure that the heart beat remained normal. When the doctor saw me the next morning, he told me that I no longer needed the defibrillation procedure and sent me home with a regular heart beat. I was very happy and excited. I called all my friends to tell them how GOD had answered prayers and healed me.

Testimony of Marie

Marie came in tears one Wednesday, holding a picture of her teenage son who had run away and she had not heard from himfor two years. She asked us to pray that he would at least call her to let her know he was alive and well. Her son called her the following day.

The following Wednesday she returned in joy, giving testimony to God’s Mercy and compasion.. Alleluia!

Dear Apostles of Divine Mercy,

I had very difficult situation at my workplace. During the healing mass Fr. Jose called out that 5 people are receiving healing at their work place.The next morning I went to my workplace and heard that some changes were made there. The situation had turned 180o  in my favor.Thanks to God for the wonderful things he has done for me and my family.

Maria Sosai

Praise, Glory, and honor to our Heavenly Father through our Lord Jesus Christ always and forever, amen!

The healing mass on July 12th, 06  by Fr. Jose Vettyankle was awesome. I felt the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit in me. Also, God restored his peace in my family.
Praise be to our Lord Jesus who has done marvelous things for us.

We love you Jesus. We praise You and give you glory all the days of our life.

Alex Antony

Dear Claudia,

My name is Judith Bertrand. A friend from St. Mels told me about the Divine Mercy prayer and novena on Wednesday night one day when we began praying for Kaelin, the child with cancer at the school. Since June 2006,  I started going and  have received mercy, grace, peace, inner emotional healing and restoration. I brought my teenage son Chad age 16  and daughter Ashley 19 they also said they received  grace, mercy, peace and felt a close presence of Lord with them when they were prayed for.

I invited my sister-in law Sherri Bertrand to come to the healing mass on Wednesday, July 12th, 2006 with Rev. Fr. Jose Vettiyankal. She had never experienced a charismatic service before and had not been to church in a while. She was experiencing problems with some co-workers on her job. She was put on probation on Tuesday, July 11, 2006 and facing termination.  As we prayed, Father said there were five people that had job related situations and that the Lord was going to intervene on their behalf. She said she experienced cleansing and forgiveness of her sins when she went to the altar for prayer. The Lord touched and healed  old  hurts and wounds. She said she experienced the peace that passes understanding that night. The next day, her supervisor called her and the job situation had changed in her favor. She did not lose her job! She is praising and thanking God! She has renewed faith telling everyone what the Lord has done! I wanted you to know of our gratitude and appreciation for this ministry. God Bless You, We thank and praise the Lord.

Judith Bertrand

Dear Claudia,

My daughter Crystal, that was stricken with bone cancer leukemia, she has been healed thanks to you and the priests that have prayed over her and herpicture that I brought to the healing masses when she was to sick to go to church and the many many friends that prayed as well, as God healed her and I did indeed see it in my dreams.   Thank you for your continued good work that you do.  God bless you always.

Teri Finchum