Fr. Charles Lueras

Fr. Charles Lueras



Hi Claudia!  I am writing to you to share how God has instantly healed me and my husband after attending the Healing Mass with Fr. Charles Lueras in St. Mels Church.

When we attended the Healing Mass we were not asking for physical healing,  I was praying for emotional and financial healing.  During that time my husband and I were going through a lot of struggles.  I was hurting and full of anxiety and worries.  Both of us were jobless and everybody seemed to abandon us.  We have nothing except our faith that one day God will answer our prayers.

And true enough with God’s grace i was completely healed from all the negative emotions.  God has been very generous to us and truly He has been providing us with our needs.  I remember during the healing session Father mentioned that two attendees here without a job and is planning to open a business will prosper.  My husband and I looked at each other, we somehow felt that it was us Father was referring to.

Thank you so much for bringing Christ in our lives.  I pray that God will continue to bless your community.

Love and Prayers,

Kneale and Milagros

Dearest Claudia:

I am so genuinely thankful and deeply touched to be able to share this story with you and your congregation.

While driving home from work, I was in a car accident rear ended. The impact of the injury caused whiplash which they now refer to as TMJ.


My neck and jaw progressively got worse; In fact, I then developed chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. I had to have arthroscopic surgery on my jaw. I was also told I need to be very careful with my jaw because I could need a jaw replacement which is something one doesn’t want to experience.

I was out of work for four years and returned to a so called normal functioning life. Most of this time I needed to be on pain medication in order to function normally. Because of my busy schedule I was up to five 750mg or more vicadin a day (pain medication) 1 needed to get off the medication. It had been ten years since I had chronic pain 24 hours a day and most of that time I was on medication. It was time to give it up and find a new way of living.

I attended the healing mass at St Mel’s in April and honestly it had been two weeks since I had taken pain medication and I was in tremendous pain and emotionally a mess-1 don’t know how 1 would get through the day or even be able to do my work. I was really scared about life. My body ached, my head was on fire, my neck felt as though it was in a vise and someone was continually tightening it. I listened and went to the healing mass.

During the singing of hymns I prayed that God would just help me to be able to continue to do the work I do. Fr. Lueras, who was the priest performing the service that night through the gift of knowledge; being very specific, indicated that certain people would be healed of conflicts in their lives or health issues.